Ken Scudder’s training programs and services


Media Training

Learn how to prepare for, and execute, your agenda when being interviewed by the media. Instruction and practice on how to handle TV, print, radio, email, and Skype/FaceTime interviews.

Sessions include:

  • your rights and obligations when meeting the media,
  • how to prepare an agenda,
  • how to anticipate and handle difficult questions,
  • and videorecorded practice interviews.


Presentation Training

Learn how to write and deliver a winning presentation. Tips and techniques on how to deliver from a full script, slides, notes, or from memory. Significant progress is seen in a single day.

Sessions include:

  • determining your audience and message
  • structuring your talk
  • bringing your words to life
  • and videorecorded practice delivery


Crisis Consulting and Training

Services provided before, during, and after a crisis hits. Learn how to anticipate and react to crises in a full-day training session that includes a simulated crisis and training exercises. When a crisis hits, work on how to respond, which audiences to target, how the public will react to your actions, and how to keep employees working in your best interests. After a crisis, learn how to rebuild your reputation and what steps should be taken with which communities to regain trust.


Writing and Editing

Professional writing and editing services for:

  • speeches
  • press releases
  • video scripts
  • white papers
  • op-eds
  • and others